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    Koko's Resort
    Connect Four
    The best multiplayer 4 in a row ever.The reinvention of an
    immortal classic. Don't be shy, come to Koko's Resort and have
    fun with your friends! Milions of Kos are waiting to meet you!
    Available For Free!
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the tools you will use to build your next game!

What is Gloria?

Gloria is a set of tools designed to help small and not so small developers to create multiplayer games quickly and at a lower cost than purchasing one or more servers and developing a multiplayer platform of their own.

Our libraries and Admin Pannel will provide you with all the functionalities a multiplayer game needs, and allows you to focus only on the main aspects of your game to improve players' experience.

Thanks to Gloria, you won't have to worry about purchasing servers and havig a working team to develope, manage and update the multiplayer platform.

In Ibermedia, we put our knowledge and experience at your service to help you create your ideal game. Contact us.

Some Screenshots!


Koko's Resort Connect Four

The best multiplayer 4 in a row ever.
The reinvention of an immortal classic.


Koko's Resort is the ultimate version of the worldwide famous Connect Four. An ideal game for kids and adults, it keeps the essence of the classic board game, while adding brand new exciting features to improve your visual and gameplay experiences.

Collect your favorite characters and learn to use powerfull skills to boost your game. Challenge your friends and show them who is the best around.

Some Screenshots!


Welcome to Koko's Resort!

Once upon a time, there was a tiny island in the middle of the ocean inhabited by a race of friendly little beings named Kos. Kos are very sociable, and love to dress with different colors and suits for their parties. For the first time in a thousand years, some human beings are landing in Koko's Resort, and Kos are so excited that they couldn't agree on how to dress up for this very special welcome, so they need you and your friends to help them to decide.

All you have to do is to help the inhabitants of Koko's Resort to find their friends who are dressed in the same way and do it faster than your opponent. Hospitality is very sacred in Ko culture, so you will be able to use some of the secret items from the Ko Shamans to help you in your task, such as anvils, guns, and magic spells. Don't worry, Kos are immortal and won't be hurt even if you hit them.

Don't be shy, come to Koko's Resort and have fun with your friends! Milions of Kos are waiting to meet you!




We are a company dedicated to provide our customers with IT solutions to solve a wide range of common problems: from computer maintenance to the development of custom applications.

A couple of years ago , some of our customers started to ask us about the promising business of social and mobile gaming, and they all faced the same problems at the early stages of their quest: high money and time investments in buying new servers, licenses, hiring new staff and building a backend that was essentially the same as the other companies already had.

Thats when we came up with the idea of “Gloria”, a platform intended to boost the development and deployment of your ideal videogame. “Gloria” provides you with a multiplayer environment and a simple and intuitive interface that will help you achieve, with a few clicks and a minimun investment, what would take months of intensive development.